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Hello there and welcome to Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and events! 

We have been investigating the Paranormal for 18 years and have seen and experienced some crazy things. While we do not use much equipment, we like to use our intuition and feel this is the best way to get our evidence. 

While on an investigation we like to just be ourselves and have a good time. The ghosts or spirits know what having a good time is. So we use that to our advantage and get great evidence because of it. 

We have been all over Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. We would love to explore as much as possible in other states as well. 

People refer to us as great investigators and great friends. We do not mix ourselves with so-called "Para-Drama" we stay out of anything of that sorts and just mind our own business. 

Please if you have any questions or concerns about Shadow Hunters or would like us on a radio or TV program or event, please contact our founder and leader of Shadow Hunters, Nick Sarlo. 

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